I'm at the crux of a dichotomy.

Photo by Thomas LeFebvre | Girl chugging Fiji water by Sarah Kennedy

Photo by Thomas LeFebvre | Girl chugging Fiji water by Sarah Kennedy

As a lover of the beautifully diverse wonders of this planet, I see the need for major change in the way corporations use Earth’s limited resources and treat all its inhabitants (including, and especially, people). As a designer and artist who believes the human survival mechanism is ingenuity and creativity, I see the astounding possibility for change. And I want to be part of that change.

BUT as a busy, married, 30-something woman with loads of student debt who makes decisions based on affordability and convenience, making the necessary changes in my own life feels daunting. Sometimes unapproachable even. I mean, you’ve seen the prices on the organic, non-toxic, “green” stuff. It can get outrageous.

My husband, Kris (who is a bit of a skeptic about all of this) and I have a lot of habits, brand loyalties, ill-conceived notions (I’m sure), and perceived limitations as to how we can make positive changes in our own home.

So what do I do?

I’ve been really struggling with the notion,

“I want to do something to help make a positive change in
the way we treat our environment, but I don’t live the way
an ‘environmentalist’ would live.”

(Rest assured my view of what an environmentalist lives like is probably much more extreme than the reality.)

I know we just need to start making small changes (and we have, more on that in Even the small things count.), but I feel compelled to do more.

So this blog was born; a way to work through the questions and find some answers. A search for the realistic and PRACTICAL solutions to the toxic environment we’ve made for ourselves by accident. Plus knowing that you all (hopefully someone out there is reading this) are expecting me to keep posting my findings will keep me on track and honest with the process.

But what do I know, and how do I even begin?

Not much. But I do have friends who have already gone through this. Many started making small changes years ago and have gradually created more sustainable lifestyles.

Throughout this journey I will be tapping some of them and other experts for info, advice, tips, tricks, and recipes. So you can expect to see guest posts from herbalists, nutritionists, gardeners, various styles of life coaches, health and wellness experts, and lots more.

One such friend is Sarah Scherr. Sarah is a writer and an environmental consultant and is working to become a Sustainable Wellness Coach. She's also an amazingly wonderful person with a staggering amount of helpful information in this area. Sarah has graciously agreed to coach my husband and I along this journey. She’ll be appearing frequently with all kinds of helpful info.

With the addition of my newfound coach, some creativity, and a little elbow grease (the “greenest” energy there is), this blog and this journey should be informative, transformative, and fun. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

And I hope you will. If my struggle resonates with you, please take this ride with me. Ask questions. Make comments. Add suggestions if you’ve got em. After all, we’re all truly in this together.