Even the small things count.

This blog is about my and my husband’s journey to a more conscious lifestyle. But does that mean we’ve been living UNconsciously for the last however-many years? After all, it is 2015. The “green movement” has been going on for ages. How could we have completely ignored it for this long?

The answer is, we haven’t. Not completely anyway. Just mostly. (That’s me admitting that we’ve chosen to ignore a lot of things in the interest of time and money. Which is what has compelled me to start this blog in the first place.)

The dialogue around “going green” often makes me feel like a bad person for the things I’m NOT doing. Which makes me overlook habits I have and choices I make that are actually good, whether done with that intention or not.

So I just want to take a second to give ourselves credit for things we’ve been doing for a while that are considered “green”. If you feel like you are starting from scratch, give this self-inventory a try--you might be surprised!

Our biggest “green” thing: we don’t own a car

Ok, so there are days it really sucks to not have a car. Like when it's -10 and you still have to go to work. This was winter 2014. Worst. Winter. Ever.

Ok, so there are days it really sucks to not have a car. Like when it's -10 and you still have to go to work. This was winter 2014. Worst. Winter. Ever.

We’ve lived in big cities for the last five years and haven’t needed one, nor had the money to take on the burden of owning a car in the city. Public transportation may be slower, colder, and smellier, but it saves a TON of money and sometimes it’s actually faster.

We also:     

  • have the fancy light bulbs that save energy (CFLs)

  • turn off lights when we leave the room

  • only run full loads of laundry (and wear items multiple times until they are good and dirty)

  • have a digital thermostat (not that we had anything to do with that, we rent)

  • take our cloth grocery bags to the store

  • take showers together to save water (Insert cat-call here. Sorry Nana.)

  • use a Brita water pitcher instead of bottled water

  • use Method hand and dish soap

  • buy used or refurbished appliances and furniture, and even clothing, instead of brand new most of the time

  • use a Dyson vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

Okay, so that’s where we are right now.
But where do we want to be?

What are OUR goals?

My number one, overarching goal is to live more consciously.

For us, this means considering the impact of the things we purchase and the decisions we make on our bodies AND on the world around us (the environment, other people, etc). It’s a lot to think about, and will take time to fully get there. There are a lot of habits to break along the way.

Things I hope to accomplish along that journey:

  1. Learn how to live sustainably on a budget

  2. Improve our health and wellbeing

  3. Rid our home and bodies of toxins to start preparing for a family

  4. Create an environment that truly reflects us

So, I have to ask: Are you taking this journey with me?

If so, I’d love to know what your goals are. By sharing your goals with us, we can create more relevant posts and make this blog as helpful as possible for you.

Before I end this post, I want to make an important statement:
Every effort you make, big or small, MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
What matters is that you are trying. One step forward at a time. Baby steps count.

So while my list of current efforts may not be long, it still deserves credit. And so does yours.