Let's have REAL-LIFE conversation about beauty products...

Sometime this last Spring I received an invitation (through EWG) to a party hosted by Beautycounter. Just a few clicks later I knew that Beautycounter was a brand I needed to know more about. Founded out of frustration with the cosmetics industry and the desire to do better, these products are LEGIT. And the company actually puts the health of their customers and the planet first. So I said “why not?” I need to surround myself with more people doing amazing things anyway. So I registered for the free event.

When I arrived, I had a “holy crap” moment. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. The tiny venue was PACKED to the brim with fabulous looking women in high heels, sipping champagne, and chatting with their beautifully made-up faces and perfect outfits and hair. I made a bee-line for the bathroom to gather myself (and panic slightly), and seriously considered leaving. I felt so out of place. But I had come all this way and I was here, so why not at least TRY?

So I went out to the patio where I could breathe, got a drink, and stood over the refreshments table for a while. That’s when I met Kristian. 

We hit it off immediately over the problems with the personal care and cosmetics industry (and most industry for that matter), practical environmentalism, and even God and church. Suddenly, I knew why I was there. This was a match made in heaven. We had so much fun chatting that we left the event a little early and went to an empanada restaurant (yes, a whole restaurant devoted to empanadas, it’s brilliant) to eat, have a beer, and continue talking.

Both at that event and while doing the research for the Morning Routine Makeover Series, I learned a lot of disturbing facts. Some of it I shared throughout the series, but there was so much I couldn’t fit everything. 

One of the most shocking things I found is that the FDA doesn’t do or require ANY pre-market testing for cosmetics and personal care products. They also cannot ban an ingredient or product until there is unequivocal proof that it causes harm. And even then, they have no power to enforce that ban on the industry. Sounds completely backwards and toothless, right?

There are over 10,500 ingredients commonly used in personal care products and cosmetics. And a good chunk of them are known or suspected to cause health issues ranging from allergies to reproductive issues to cancer. And great deal of them have very little or no safety data to speak of.

According to the FDA, “…a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without an approval from FDA.”

I knew that night back in early May that I wanted to host an event with Kristian. Something where we could pool our knowledge and share it with anyone who wanted to listen. An event meant to be both educational and fun. Where we have food made with great ingredients that promote beautiful skin, and give away prizes that are both useful and a treat to receive, and have meaningful conversation with other fabulous women–minus the high heels and super fancy clothes (heads up: the venue has a no shoes policy).

It took all summer to find the perfect venue to host it. But by the grace of God, a few weeks ago I met Cari from Tribe and she offered their beautiful classroom space at no charge! So Kristian and I jumped on it, and set the date for as soon as possible. And we are SO EXCITED about it!

This is where you come in. See, this event will be completely boring and lifeless without YOU. (I understand it’s limited to Chicago folk, or those who just happen to be in Chicago, so I’m sorry if this leaves you out! I’ll have to come up with a virtual version at some point.)

But if you ARE in Chicago on Sunday, September 20 (yes, THIS Sunday) we would love to have you join us from 5-6:30pm at Tribe in Roscoe Village. It would mean a great deal to me if you came. Really. This stuff is too important to ignore. And the whole reason I’m writing this blog at all is to make positive changes in my own life and to help and inspire others to make positive changes in theirs as well. 

So, If any of this has stirred up something in you and you would like to know more, please join us on Sunday. Just let us know you are coming.

If you cannot join us, I encourage you to continue learning the facts and become aware of what you and your loved ones are putting on your skin. These posts are a good place to start: