Making a way through the fog.

Photo from Pexels/LittleVisuals

Photo from Pexels/LittleVisuals

Well folks, it’s been a while! Longer than I would like, really.

But if I can be honest—and that IS my number one priority here—it’s because things haven’t been going well, and I have been unsure how to talk about it until now.

There I said it.

Here’s the gist of what’s happened in the last couple months. I’ll spare you the boring details:

  1. The coaching I was receiving in the beginning to navigate this journey has fallen off. (Because life happens.)

  2. Without guidance I felt a little lost and confused by the many things to tackle and all the conflicting information I was finding on my own..

  3. That messed up my content schedule. (Yes, I actually had one.)

  4. Life got busier with a trip home, a visit from my parents, and a strong urge to grow a bunch of vegetables and herbs! (More on that later.)

  5. I ended up feeling removed from the process and stuck in a weird limbo state of change, and my motivation wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

Basically, I got off track and am finding it difficult to get back on. Sound familiar?

First, let’s be real. THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. It happens to all of us. And it does no good to beat ourselves up about it.

Second, let’s take a look at where things started to break down for me. Lack of guidance. I felt like I was lost in a dense fog without someone telling me what to do.

Sure, I could just try to muddle through on my own and try to figure it out without help. But I think we all want and need guidance at some level. Especially when approaching a massive life change, we often want someone who has gone before us that can help light the path.

It might be why you are here right now, reading this.

But no matter how much guidance or help we get, it’s likely temporary and ultimately, it’s our responsibility to continue pursuing our goals.

And the best way to push through the uncomfortableness of lighting our own path is to build a really strong LIGHTHOUSE.

Just over a month ago, I met a fantastic woman named Marcy Cruice. She’s a friend of a friend, and a game-changer in this whole process for me. Marcy developed the Detoxitarian Life Program, which has put a name and a method to what I have been wanting and trying to do all along. So I joined the six week program, in need of that extra nudge and as much reliable information as I could get my hands on (not to mention the community of incredible and like-minded people that come with it, including Marcy!).

The program began last week and we spent some time getting REALLY crystal clear on WHY we are seeking change.

AHHH! YES! WHY!?!?? Why the hell am I doing all this?

Of course, I had already asked myself this all-important question when I was first developing GMG. But I didn’t really devote the necessary time, brainpower, and patience to drill down to the core of why I am seeking this lifestyle change.
And that is crucial.

Not having a very clear and deep-rooted reason for doing what we are doing allows things to get messy. It allows doubt, apathy, procrastination, and all kinds of excuses to creep in.

You may find this in your own journey. There will be roadblocks. Things get difficult. Your family may resist. You may try a bunch of DIYs and not one of them comes out right. Maybe you get incredibly busy or (God-forbid) temporarily incapacitated and keeping up with anything seems impossible. A truly powerful ‘why’ statement is your lighthouse in the storm.

So I set out to drill down to the real reason I am doing all this. What I ended up with shocked me a little.

Because my REAL ‘why’ lays out the path for my future and the future of this blog pretty clearly, and I wasn’t expecting it to do all that. Here it is:

I believe it IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to live in harmony and alignment with our bodies and the Earth, and I am called to inspire and help others to live in such a way, so together we may honor these incredible gifts from God.

While writing this post I came to realize the shocking part is that THAT is the kind of guidance I was actually looking for all along. Not someone to tell me what to do, but for a reason to do it that was inextricably linked to my soul.

And let me tell you, it feels very different. For me, it feels like things are beginning to make sense. And I can see it all a bit clearer. Like the fog is actually clearing.

If you are beginning to question the real why behind the goals you’ve set for yourself, and you want to know how to get to a statement that is strong enough to withstand all the shit life throws at you, here’s some steps you can take. This is what I did to uncover my real “why”.

  1. Pray, if that's something you're into. (If prayer isn’t your thing, that's fine, you could ask the universe for guidance and clarity, or whatever you may need. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, just skip this step.)

  2. Write down—with actual pen and paper—why you think you are doing this, then ask ‘why?’ again and write down the answer. Take a deep breath, exhale any anxiety or tension, and let go of trying to force it into a specific direction.

  3. Ask ‘why?’ to each answer (and write it down) until you can’t ask why anymore, and you have come to a reason that connects something in your soul to the thing you are trying to accomplish. You will most likely FEEL this. It should feel deeply motivating. 

  4. Finesse the terms until every word in your why statement is absolutely true and resonates with you on a deep level.

  5. Step away from it for a while.

  6. Come back and tweak the parts that don’t make your spirit sing until they do.

  7. Write your final statement somewhere you will see it often, and repeat it to yourself frequently. OWN IT!

With that, your goal will have more power and clarity, and will be much more grounded.

I’m not kidding when I say that doing that shifted everything for me. It provided the much-needed clarity I have been seeking for the past two years, and that’s an incredible feeling. I’m certainly not saying that doing this will solve all your problems, but a little bit of clarity can go a very long way if you get out of its way.

If you are following along: Are there any challenges you are facing either getting started or throughout your journey? Consider taking the steps above to get to your deepest “why”. I would love to hear whatever you are willing to share!

If you are ahead of us: How have you overcome challenges along your journey? Do you have a very clear and powerful reason for pursuing a healthier lifestyle?